Monday, March 8, 2010

Wedding Planning

The date of the wedding has been set for July 9th, 2010. The planning is going pretty well.

Things we have already planned or paid for are the following:

-Personalized Bobble-head Cake-toppers
-Decorations. Lavender is the color with an ocean/seashell theme.
-Lavender Chinese spherical paper lanterns.
-Lavender ribbon
-Table centerpieces of glass vases filled with beach sand and seashells.
-My aunt and uncle Martha and Dan have said we could use their altar backdrop.
-We are on the cusp of securing the location for the wedding and reception.
-Mar picked her dress and veil out today. She is pretty excited about it.
-The honeymoon is paid for and planned for(San Diego staying at the Estancia La Jolla Resort at Torrey Pines pics included
-My sister, Julie, has taken up photography so she is going to be taking our engagement and Mar's bridal pictures. We have one option of someone who will take pictures the day of the wedding for $200 but we are still kind of looking around.
-A friend from work is lending us the stands for the cake and we already know where we are getting the cake from.
-We have a pretty good idea what we are going to be doing for the rehearsal dinner.

Things are coming along. We are super excited. We both just wish we were already married though. It will be exciting to have our families together in one place.

We are in the process of, with the help of my sister Julie, creating a Wedding Website blog where people can read our story, see more pictures of us, get a link to our registries, and maybe see some videos of us. I'll get the link up to that as soon as it is available.

I hope everyone is doing well. Peace out.


Julie said...

I am glad you have finally updated your blog. It sounds like you guys are getting lots of the wedding planning done. It will be here before you know it.

bob and sara rich said...

Bryce, i pretty much haven't seen you for like a decade, how's it going? Congrats on the engagement man, send us an invite to the reception...unless of course you never liked us, in that case your more than welcome to send us hate mail. Any way, congrats, hope to see you soon man.

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